By Steve Brett

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Shirehampton. 11,9.

An F major folk hymn in 6/4 time. Composed 2017-18.

Text from Bernhard S. Ingemann, 1852.

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  • 2018 Bristol Composium

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I originally composed this tune in November 2017 with the intention of writing something that worked in both the major and Dorian modes. I finished writing the other parts in February 2018.


As wide as the skies is Thy mercy, O God;
Thy faithfulness shieldeth creation.
Thy bounteous hand from the mountains abroad
Is stretched over country and nation.
Like heaven’s embrace is Thy mercy, O Lord;
In judgment profound Thou appearest.
Thou savest our souls through Thy life-giving word,
The cries of Thy children Thou hearest.

How precious Thy goodness, O Father above,
Where children of men are abiding.
Thou spreadest through darkness the wings of Thy love;
We under their pinions are hiding.
For languishing souls Thou preparest a rest;
The quivering dove Thou protectest;
Thou givest us being, eternal and blest,
In mercy our life Thou perfectest.