By Composer

Lauren Bock (Atlanta, GA)7
Steve Brett34
Aldo Thomas Ceresa (Brooklyn, NY)69
Julian Damashek (San Francisco, CA)9
Jesse P. Karlsberg (Decatur, GA)36
Robert Kelley (Greenwood, SC)29
Deidra M. Montgomery (Somerville, MA)5
Gregory Mulkern (Portland, OR)7
Fynn Titford-Mock24
Calum Woods13
David Wright (Seattle, WA)10

About this Site

This web site features new tunes, written in the styles of The Sacred Harp, by several composers from the United States and the United Kingdom. Through this web site we hope to share our music with other interested singers and to explore and contribute to the understanding of Sacred Harp composition.

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New Sacred Harp tunes: The Trumpet, The Minnesota Harmony Project.