By Steve Brett

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Shapwick Heath. 7,8.

An A major folk hymn in 6/4 time. Composed 2017.

Text from John Brownlie, 1911.

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Burdened with a heavy load,
Lord, we come, for Thou art calling;
Rough and toilsome is the road,
And the night around is falling.
Sin, the burden that we bear,
Fills us with a dread to meet Thee;
Yet, we yield not to despair,
But for mercy would entreat Thee.

From the cross a glorious light
Falls upon our path to cheer us;
And a hope on pinions bright
Hovers, in the darkness, near us.
For the sake of Him Who bore
All the sin, we come lamenting,
Let Thy pardon now restore
Sinners, at Thy feet, repenting.