By Steve Brett

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Here Is No Rest. 10s & 4s.

An E minor folk hymn in 2/4 time. Composed 2017.

Text from Millennial Harp, 1843.

Listen to recordings:

  • Camp Fasola Europe 2018

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Here o'er the earth as a stranger I roam,
Here is no rest, here is no rest,
Here as a pilgrim I wander alone,
Yet I am blest, yet I am blest.

For I look forward to that glorious day,
When sin and sorrow will vanish away.
My heart doth leap while I hear Jesus say,
There, there is rest- there is rest.

Here are afflictions and trials severe;
Here is no rest, here is no rest;
Here I must part with the friends I hold dear;
Yet I am blest, yet I am blest.

Sweet is the promise I read in his word;
Blessed are they who have died in the Lord;
They have been called to receive their reward;
There, there is rest-there is rest.