By Robert Kelley

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Japan. 7s.

An F♯ minor plain tune in 2/4 time. Composed 2011.

Text from John Newton, 1779.

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Arrangement of the Japanese National Anthem


Lord, I cannot let Thee go,

Till a blessing Thou bestow:

Do not turn away Thy face,

Mine’s an urgent, pressing case.


Dost Thou ask me who I am?

Ah! my Lord, Thou know’st my name;

Yet the question gives a plea

To support my suit with Thee.


Thou didst once a wretch behold,

In rebellion blindly bold,

Scorn Thy grace, Thy power defy:

That poor rebel, Lord, was I.


Thou hast helped in every need;

This emboldens me to plead:

After so much mercy past,

Canst Thou let me sink at last?