By Robert Kelley

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Cokesbury. C.M.

A B minor fuging tune in 3/2 time. Composed 2012.

Text from William Whittingham (in Sternhold & Hopkins), 1556.

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Lord, unto thee I make my moan,

When dangers me oppress;

I call, I sigh, complain, and groan,

Trusting to find release.


Hearken, O Lord, to my request,

Unto my suit incline,

And let thine ears, O Lord, be pressed

To hear this prayer of mine.


O Lord our God, if thou survey

Our sins, and them peruse,

Who shall escape? Or who dare say,

I can myself excuse?


In God the Lord I put my trust,

My soul waits on his will;

His promise is for ever just,

And I hope therein still.