By Robert Kelley

Tune NameYearTypeFilesFirst Line
Rising Sun. C.M. 2007 Fuging Tune pdfmidi There is a house not made with hands,
The Shining Light. S.M.D. 2009 Fuging Tune pdfmidi
My former hopes are fled,
Level Land. C.M. 2010 Plain Tune pdfmp3mp3midi There is no new thing 'neath the Sun,
Williamston. 7s & 6s. 2010 Plain Tune pdfmidi O God of earth and altar,
Gray Court. C.M. 2010 Part song pdfmp3mp3midi And have I, Christ, no love for thee, 
Barnwell. C.M. 2010 Fuging Tune pdfmidi When Thou, O Lord, in flesh wert drest
Wallace. C.M. 2011 Plain Tune pdfmidi Life is a span—a fleeting hour—
Japan. 7s. 2011 Plain Tune pdfmp3midi Lord, I cannot let Thee go,
Old Bethel. L.M. 2011 Plain Tune pdfmp3midi In silence ever shalt thou lie,
Athens. L.M. 2011 Fuging Tune pdfmidi Great God, whom heavenly hosts obey,
Cooper. 11s. 2011 Plain Tune pdfmidi Farewell, my dear brethren, the time is at hand
Newberry. L.M. 2011 Plain Tune pdfmidi I am a poor and shattered boat,
Potomac. C.M. 2011 Fuging Tune pdfmidi Judge not the Lord by feeble sense,
Columbia. C.M. 2012 Plain Tune pdfmp3midi The day approacheth, O my soul!
Lexington. L.M.D. 2012 Fuging Tune pdfmp3 Your lofty themes, ye mortals, bring, 
Fountain Inn. S.M. 2012 Plain Tune pdfmidi In sorrow I lament, 
Ora. C.M. 2012 Plain Tune pdfmidi If, Lord! in Thy fair book of life
Fellowship. C.M. 2012 Plain Tune pdfmidi O fellowship, my brethren dear,
Cokesbury. C.M. 2012 Fuging Tune pdfmidi Lord, unto thee I make my moan,
Griffith. C.M.D. 2012 Plain Tune pdfmidi Give us the wings of faith to rise
Mountville. C.M.D. 2012 Fuging Tune pdfmidi Man like a shadow vainly walks,
Laodicea. 8s & 7s. 2012 Plain Tune pdfmidi Every person, rich or common,
Mauldin. S.M. 2012 Plain Tune pdfmidi With humbleness of mind,
Pleasant Ridge. C.M. 2012 Plain Tune pdfmidi When all Thy mercies, O my God,
Goggans. C.M. 2013 Camp Meeting Tune pdfmidi
Thou dear Redeemer dying Lamb,
Fork Shoals. S.M. 2013 Plain Tune pdfmidi Blest are the sons of peace,
Ila. L.M. 2014 Plain Tune pdfmp3midi Entreat me not to go from you,
Creation Anthem. Prose. 2014 Anthem pdfmp3midi God of all power, Ruler of the Universe,
Departure. C.M.D. 2015 Plain Tune pdfmidi
Dear friends, farewell, I do you tell,

About Robert

I began composing music in the style of the Sacred Harp in 2006, and through Sacred Harp "composium" singings organized by Jesse Pearlman Karlsburg and Aldo Ceresa, and through the advice of too many Sacred Harp composers to name here, I gradually learned about the style.  My studies in Sacred Harp composition culminated in an article in 2009 on how to write music in the Sacred Harp idiom, Sacred Harp Harmony: A Part-Writing Primer for Shape-Note Hymnody.

I welcome any comments on my music.  Email me at

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