By Julian Damashek

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Dormant. L.M.

An A major major fuguing in 4/4 time. Composed 2010.

Text from unknown, 1802.

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An arrangement of a song originally written by Jacob French in 1802, and published in his book Harmony of Harmony: In Five Parts (Northampton, 1802). I found a copy of the sheet music for this song in Raven Used Books, and set it in shapes, then reworked it so it was more Sacred Harp-like. The tenor and treble parts are practically identical to those originally written by French, as are many of the strong chords, but I reworked large sections of the bass and especially the alto part.


Sleep, downy sleep, come close my eyes,

Tired with beholding vanity;

Sweet slumber, come and drive away

The toils and follies of the day.