By Jesse P. Karlsberg

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Moreland. L.M.

A B♭ major plain tune in 3/4 time. Composed 2016.

Text from Mercer's Cluster, 1810.

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I heard this tune in my head on a morning in early December 2016, wrote it down on a scrap of paper, and harmonized it at home that evening. I named it for Moreland Avenue, a major road near our home in Atlanta, Georgia.


I am a stranger here below,
And what I am is hard to know,
I am so vile, so prone to sin,
I fear that I’m not born again.

When I experience call to mind,
My understanding is so blind,
All feeling sense seems to be gone,
Which makes me think that I am wrong.

I find myself out of the way,
My thoughts are often gone astray,
Like one alone I seem to be,
Oh, is there anyone like me?