By Jesse P. Karlsberg

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Farewell Brethren. C.M.

An A major plain tune in 3/4 time. Composed 2010.

Text from Primitive Baptist Hymn Book, 1887.

Listen to recordings:

  • Jesse, Lauren, Kelsey, Julian, and Kendahl (June 2010)

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I wrote this song in May or June of 2010. A few years later I sang this song with friends at Henry Johnson's house. Henry liked the tune and had Lauren Bock, Janice Paulk, and the two of us sing it to conclude a presentation of Henry's on Sacred Harp singing at the Baptist church in his home town of Centre, Alabama.


Brethren, I bid you all farewell,
And from my very heart,
Affectionately I do tell
That you and I must part.

And if we part to meet no more,
While we on earth remain,
O may we meet on Canaan's shore,
And never part again.

There shall we join to sing God's praise,
And all his wonder's tell,
And triumph in his holy ways;
So, brethren, fare you well.