By Jesse P. Karlsberg

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Ceresa. C.P.M.

An E♭ major fuging tune in 4/4 time. Composed 2010.

Text from Charles Wesley, 1750.

Listen to recordings:

  • WMSHC New Compositions Singing, 2010

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Written in Troy, NY in February, 2010 and dedicated to Aldo Ceresa: a great friend and thoughtful critic. My understanding of Sacred Harp music and my compositions have been strengthened immeasurably through my dialog with Aldo. Written to Charles Wesley's hymn titled "The Musician," Ceresa expresses our shared devotion to Sacred Harp music.

Ceresa was sung in March, 2010 at the Western Massachusetts Convention's New Compositions Singing.


Thou God of harmony and love,
Whose name transports the saints above
And lulls the ravish'd spheres,
On thee in feeble strains I call,
And mix my humble voice with all
Thy heavn'ly choristers.

If ought I know the tuneful art,
To captivate an human heart,
The glory, Lord, be thine:
A servant of thy blessed will,
I here devote my utmost skill,
To sound the praise divine.