By Gregory Mulkern

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Alarming. PM.

An A minor camp meeting tune in 2/4 time. Composed 2007.

Text from Church Psalmist, 2007.

Download files: pdf; midi


Coming up with the tune before the text, I wrote the text for the B part, indicated with <<>>.


1 HEAR O sinner mercy hails you
Now with sweetest voice she calls
Bids you haste to seek the Saviour
Ere the hand of justice falls
Hear O sinner
Tis the voice of mercy calls

2 See the storm of vengeance gathering
O er the path you dare to tread
Hark the awful thunders rolling
Loud and louder o er your head
Turn O sinner
Lest the lightnings strike you dead

(unused 3rd verse:)
3 Haste O sinner to the Saviour
Seek his mercy while you may
Soon the day of grace is over
Soon your life will pass away
Haste O sinner
You must perish if you stay