By Fynn Titford-Mock

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Worrall. P.M.

An F♯ minor folk hymn in 3/4 time. Composed 2014-15.

Text from Charles Wesley, unknown.

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My God, I am thine, what a comfort divine,
What a blessing to know that my Jesus is mine!
In the heavenly Lamb thrice happy I am,
And my heart it doth dance at the sound of his name.

True pleasures abound in the rapturous sound;
And whoever hath found it hath paradise found:
My Jesus to know, and feel his blood flow,
'Tis life everlasting, 'tis heaven below.

Yet onward I haste to the heavenly feast:
Oh, that is the fulness; but this is the taste!
And this I shall prove, till with joy I remove
To the heaven of heavens in Jesus's love.