By Fynn Titford-Mock

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Elsworthy Road. 8s & 7s.

A C major folk hymn in 6/4 time. Composed 2013.

Text from William Hunter, unknown.

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Tune is loosely based on P. M. Atchley's "Tender Care" or "Soda", which appears in Southern Harmony and Christian Harmony.


There is a spot to me more dear
Than native vale or mountain;
A spot for which affection's tear
Springs grateful from its fountain.

'Tis not where kindred souls abound,
Tho' that is almost heaven,
But where I first my Saviour found, 
And felt my sins forgiven.


O sacred hour! O hallow'd spot!
Where love divine first found me;
Wherever falls my distant lot,
My heart shall linger round thee.

And when from earth I rise to soar
Up to my home in heaven,
Down will I cast my eyes once more,
Where I was first forgiven.