By Fynn Titford-Mock

Tune NameYearTypeFilesFirst Line
Parting Hymn. 11s. 2017-18 Folk Hymn pdf Farewell, my dear brethren, farewell for a while,
Bradwell. 11s. 2015-17 Folk Hymn pdf And now, my dear brethren, I bid you farewell,
Beside The Still Waters. 11s. 2015-17 Folk Hymn pdf Beside the still waters, oh Father, my God,
Worrall. P.M. 2014-15 Folk Hymn pdf My God, I am thine, what a comfort divine,
The Heart in Tune. 7878 D. 2014 Folk Hymn pdf Be the heart in tune within,
Elsworthy Road. 8s & 7s. 2013 Folk Hymn pdf There is a spot to me more dear
Mousehold Heath. 8s & 7s. 2012-14 Folk Hymn pdf Watchman, tell me, does the morning
Ilzetzki. C.M. 2014 Plain Tune pdfmp3 As blossoms smitten by the rain
Fahrbach. 8s & 7s. 2014 Folk Hymn pdf Hear what God the Lord hath spoken,
Haworth. C.M.D. 2014 Folk Hymn pdf When blooming youth is snatched away
Macarte. 11s. 2014 Folk Hymn pdf Oh had I, my Savior, the wings of a dove,
Easton. L.M. 2014 Plain Tune pdf Descend from heav'n, immortal Dove,
Laurieston. C.M.D. 2013 Folk Hymn pdf Come Holy Spirit, heav'nly dove,
Elation. L.M. 2012-14 Camp Meeting Tune pdf The winter's past, the rain is o'er,
Lee. S.M. 2013-14 Fuging Tune pdf How swift the torrent rolls
Malala. L.M. 2013 Camp Meeting Tune pdf What can the pow'rs of evil do?
Octagon Chapel. C.M. 2012 Plain Tune pdfmp3 How did my heart rejoice to hear
O'Neill. C.M. 2013 Fuging Tune pdf Since Jesus freely did appear
Kelley. C.M. 2013 Fuging Tune pdf Since Jesus freely did appear
Heath Street. 8s & 7s. 2013 Folk Hymn pdf In the floods of tribulation,
Take Salvation. 8s & 7s. 2013 Camp Meeting Tune pdf Hark! the voice of Jesus calling -
Delmenhorst. L.M. 2013 Fuging Tune pdf Why should we start and fear to die?
Laurel Hill. C.M. 2012-13 Plain Tune pdf Through all the hours of day and night,
Generosity. 7s. 2012 Plain Tune pdf Grateful notes and numbers bring

About Fynn

I started singing regularly from the Sacred Harp in 2006, while studying Folk and Traditional Music at Newcastle University, UK, and wrote my first tunes in the Sacred Harp tradition in 2011. Between 2012 and 2015 I lived in Norwich and sang with the Sacred Harp singers there. I now live near Bremerhaven in Northern Germany.

For consistency's sake I have uploaded my songs here in the 4-shape system; if you would like to sing my songs in 7-shapes, send me an email.

Any feedback is welcome: fynntitfordmock -at-

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