By Deidra M. Montgomery

Tune NameYearTypeFilesFirst Line
Moreland. C.M. 2010-12 Folk Hymn pdfmp3 Thy goodness, Lord, our souls confess,
Mechanicville. L.M. 2010-12 Fuging Tune pdfmp3 Great God! thy glories shall employ
Giller. L.M. 2009 Fuging Tune pdfmp3 Jesus, and shall it ever be,

About Deidra

Tim Eriksen and Minja Lausevic introduced me to Sacred Harp in late 2006, but I didn't start singing regularly until the spring of 2008, when I began attending weekly singings in Northampton, MA while doing research for a project on new compositions in the Sacred Harp tradition.

I began composing in 2009 with the help of Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg, Aldo Ceresa, Lauren Bock, Allison Blake Steel, Julian Damashek, and others, and have written tunes somewhat sporadically in the years that followed. A 2012 Bay Area composium got me back into the composing spirit, and I am grateful to be able to add Tom Malone and David Wright to the list of those who have been especially helpful to me in my composing efforts.

Composing is mainly just a creative outlet for me. I don't think I'll ever be as talented as the other people whose music is posted on this site, but I do strive to write songs that are intuitive and enjoyable and I would appreciate any and all feedback. Feel free to message me at deidra [dot] montgomery [at] gmail [dot] com.

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