By David Wright

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Wilson. 12s & 11s.

An A major folk hymn in 6/4 time. Composed 2012.

Text from John Adam Granade, 1804.

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  • Wilson -- Kevin, Erik, David

  • Wilson -- Seattle composium

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Named for Erika Wilson.

Published in The Trumpet (volume 3, number 2).


Cheer up, ye dear pilgrims, for Canaan's before you,
We'll scale the bright mountains still shouting free grace;
On Zion's fair borders we'll sing hallelujah,
And sit in the smiles of Jesus's face.

My soul's full of glory, I'll not stay much longer,
The pleasures of earth I have seen fade away;
My spirit in Jesus grows stronger and stronger,
Bright sunshine bursts into this prison of clay.

This moment the angels are hovering round us,
And joining with mortals to praise their sweet king,
And waiting for Jesus to call and to crown us,
To make the bright arches of heaven to ring.