By David Wright

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Exalted Hope. C.M.

A B♭ major fuguing tune in 4/4 time. Composed 2011.

Text from Isaac Watts, 1719.

Listen to recordings:

  • EH - Trumpet singing

  • Exalted Hope -- Portland 10/19/13

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Published in The Shenandoah Harmony (2013), p. 107, and in The Trumpet (volume 1, number 2). Thanks to Robert Stoddard for assistance with LilyPond.


Blest are the souls that hear and know
The Gospel's joyful sound;
Peace shall attend where'er they go,
And light their steps surround.

Their joy shall bear their spirits up
Through their Redeemer's name;
His righteousness exalts their hope,
Nor Satan dares condemn.