By David Wright

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And Jesus Crucified. 7s & 6s.

An E minor camp meeting tune in 6/8 time. Composed 2000.

Text from Methodist Hymn Book, p. 325, n.d..

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The text attribution is from Southern Harmony, where it is set to the tune DELIGHT (p. 102, not the same tune as Sacred Harp p. 216).

Printed in The New Millennium Harp (2001). Sung at the new compositions singings at the All California Convention in January 2009 and the Portland (Oregon) All-Day Singing in May 2009. Thanks to Natalie Jablonski for the recording.


Vain, delusive world, adieu,
With all of creature good;
Only Jesus I pursue,
Who bought us with His blood.
All thy pleasures I forego,
I trample on thy wealth and pride;
Only Jesus shall I know,
And Jesus crucified!

Other knowledge I disdain,
'Tis all but vanity;
Christ, the Lamb of God, was slain,
He tasted death for me.
Me to save from endless woe
The sin-atoning victim died;
Only Jesus shall I know,
And Jesus crucified!