By David Wright

Tune NameYearTypeFilesFirst Line
A Scriptural Appeal. 12s & 11s. 2009 Folk hymn pdfmp3 All you that profess to be going to glory,
And Jesus Crucified. 7s & 6s. 2000 Camp Meeting Tune pdfmp3 Vain, delusive world, adieu,
Every Grace. S.M. 1999 Fuguing Tune pdfmp3mp3mp3 My Savior and my King,
Exalted Hope. C.M. 2011 Fuguing Tune pdfmp3mp3 Blest are the souls that hear and know
Fahrbach. L.P.M. 2016 Fuguing Tune pdf My life, while I that life enjoy,
Jessica. C.M. 2016 Plain tune pdfmp3 God moves in a mysterious way
Schwab. L.M. 2014 Camp Meeting Tune pdfmp3 In grandeur see the royal line,
The Exiles of Eden. 12s & 11s. 2018 Folk hymn pdf
The church of the firstbo …
Wells (Second). C.M. 2001 Plain Tune pdfmp3 There is a house not made with hands,
Wilson. 12s & 11s. 2012 Folk hymn pdfmp3mp3 Cheer up, ye dear pilgrims, fo …

About David

I began singing and composing Sacred Harp music in 1996, in my first year at Oberlin College (Oberlin, OH).

Two of my tunes are included in The Sacred Harp, Revised Cooper Edition (2012). My compositions have also appeared in The Shenandoah Harmony (2013), The New Millennium Harp (2001), Oberlin Harmony (2002), and The Trumpet. Several of my arrangements in Sacred Harp style of English village carols are included in the 3rd (2009) edition of An American Christmas Harp.

I welcome feedback. Please feel free to e-mail me at brightphoebus [at] yahoo [dot] com with any comments or questions.

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