By Calum Woods

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Kilburn. 8,8,6.

A B♭ major plain tune in 4/4 time. Composed 2015-16.

Text from Wesley, 1749.

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Come on, my partners in distress
My comrades through the wilderness
Who still your bodies feel;
A while forget your griefs and fears
And look beyond this vale of tears
To that celestial hill,
To that celestial hill.

'Tis there we'll reign, and shout and sing
And make the upper regions ring,
When all the saints get home.
Come on, come on, my brethren dear,
Soon we shall meet each other there
For Jesus bids us come,
For Jesus bids us come.

Amen, amen! my soul replies,
I'm bound to meet you in the skies
And claim my mansion there.
Now here's my heart and here's my hand
To meet you in the promised land,
Where parting comes no more,
Where parting comes no more.