By Calum Woods

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Joys and Sorrows. 7s, 6s.

A G major folk hymn in 6/8 time. Composed 2016.

Text from Primitive Hymns, 1841.

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Mixtures of joy and sorrow
I daily do pass through;
Sometimes I'm in a valley,
And sinking down with woe.
Sometimes I am exalted,
On eagles' wings I fly;
I rise above my troubles
And hope to reach the sky.

Sometimes I'm full of doubting
And think I have no grace,
Sometimes I'm full of praising
When Christ reveals his face.
Sometimes my hope's so little,
I think I'll throw it by;
Sometimes it seems sufficient
If I were called to die.

Lord, why am I thus tossed,
Thus tossed to and fro?
Why are my hopes thus crossed,
Where'er I'm called to go?
O Lord, Thou never changest,
And 'tis because I stray;
O grant me Thine assistance,
And keep me in Thy way.