By Calum Woods

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Evening Prayer. L.M.

A G minor plain tune in 4/4 time. Composed 2015.

Text from Primitive Hymns, 1841.

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Jesus, to thee an evening song
My soul in gratitude would raise;
Oh! could I mount and join that throng,
I'd vie with angels in thy praise.

With tears of joy I'd sing the God
Who wept, and bled, and died for me,
Then hide beneath that precious blood
That freely flowed on Calvary.

There, sheltered, let my soul remain,
While wearied limbs may seek repose;
Nor from that fountain go again
When morning shall the light disclose.

And when, at last, no sun nor moon,
Nor stars shall light the pilgrim's way,
Let angel bands convey me home,
To realms of everlasting day.