By Aldo Thomas Ceresa

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Winter Vale. C.M.

An A minor plain tune in 4/4 time. Composed 2014.

Text from Anne Steele, 1760.

Download files: pdf; midi


Written in the midst of some particularly bad winter weather in February, 2014, and partly inspired by a suggestion from Ann Sleeva of Chicago. Title taken from the theme of the text.


Stern winter throws his icy chains,
Encircling nature round;
How bleak, how comfortless the plains,
Of late with verdure crown'd.

The sun withdraws his vital beams,
And light and warmth depart;
And drooping, lifeless, nature seems
An emblem of my heart.

Return, O blissful sun, and bring
Thy soul-reviving ray;
This doleful winter shall be spring,
This darkness, cheerful day. 

Great source of light, thy beams display,
My drooping joys restore;
And guide me to the seats of day,
Where winter frowns no more.