By Aldo Thomas Ceresa

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Penobscot. 11s.

An A minor folk hymn in 4/4 time. A 3-liner. Composed 2012-13.

Text from James Grant, 1784.

Listen to recordings:

  • Penobscot - words only(Singers @ Granville, MA; Nov 9, 2013)

Download files: pdf; midi


This tune was first sung at the Union Town House in Union, ME (in the Penobscot region) in July, 2012.


O Zion, afflicted with wave upon wave,
Whom no man can comfort, whom no man can save;
With darkness surrounded, by terrors dismay’d,
In toiling and rowing, thy strength is decay'd.

Loud roaring, the billows now nigh overwhelm,
But skilful's the Pilot who sits at the helm;
His wisdom conducts thee, his pow'r thee defends;
In safety and quiet thy warfare he ends.

Then trust him and fear not; thy life is secure;
His wisdom is perfect, supreme is his pow'r;
In love he shall guide thee, thy soul to refine,
To make thee at length in his likeness to shine.