By Aldo Thomas Ceresa

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Little Noel. 7s.

An E♭ major folk hymn in 6/4 time. Composed 2006.

Text from Harriet Auber, 1829.

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  • Little Noel (Art Mob 2006)

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Named for a close friend, the title also refers to the subject of the text, and the short length of the tune. This tune was performed by The Art Mob in their Winter, 2006 concerts.


Hail, all hail the joyful morn!
Tell it forth from earth to heav'n,
That to us a child is born,
That to us a Son is giv'n.

Angels, bending from the sky,
Chanted, at the wondrous birth,
"Glory be to God on high;
Peace, good-will to man on earth."

Join we then our feeble lays
To the chorus of the sky;
And, in songs of grateful praise,
Glory give to God on high.