By Aldo Thomas Ceresa

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Laurieston Hall. C.M.

An F major fuging tune in 4/4 time. Composed 2012-13.

Text from Isaac Watts, 1707.

Listen to recordings:

  • Laurieston Hall (2013 Camp Fasola Night Composium;Jul 4 '13)

  • Laurieston Hall (Art Mob; Dec. 8, 2013)

  • Laurieston Hall (Montclair, NJ; May 18 2013) take 2

Download files: pdf; midi


Named for Laurieston Hall, Scotland, where a three-day shape note singing workshop was held in May, 2013, this tune is dedicated to all the singers who attended. (Sorry I couldn't be there with you!)


Let Angels sound with endless joy
In praises to their King;
"Live, glorious Lord, and reign on high,
Let every Nation sing."

Come, let us raise our voices high,
Now let our joys arise
And join the songs above the sky,
Where pleasure never dies.