By Aldo Thomas Ceresa

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Karlsberg. C.M.

An E minor fuging tune in 4/4 time. Composed 2008.

Text from Anne Steele, 1760.

Listen to recordings:

  • Karlsberg (2009 WMSHC Composium)

  • Karlsberg (Aldo, Jesse, Lauren, Kelsey; April 18, 2009)

Download files: pdf; midi


Named for Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg. A close friend, frequent collaborator and Sacred Harp compatriot, Jesse is also a talented composer, and has been instrumental in his efforts to forge a stronger community of new Sacred Harp tunesmiths. Apart from studying The Sacred Harp songbook itself, our dialogues on Sacred Harp composition have been the single most valuable asset in my experience as a student of Sacred Harp tunewriting. The text of this tune was chosen as a mutual dedication to Jesse's desire (as well as my own) to seek inspiration in our efforts as Sacred Harp composers.


Come, Lord and warm each languid heart,
Inspire each lifeless tongue,
And let the joys of heav’n impart
Their influ’nce to our song,

Lord, tune our hearts to praise and love,
Our feeble notes inspire;
Till, in thy blissful courts above,
We join the heav’nly choir.