By Aldo Thomas Ceresa

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Connexion. P.M.

An A major folk hymn in 6/8 time. Composed 2014.

Text from Divine Hymns, 1801.

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The great God of Love hath shined from above,
And taught us the Impartial Song;
The Spirit is come, the work is begun,
And we're all united in one.

We'll mount on the wing, and with ardor we'll sing,
Hosanna to God and the Lamb!
With rapture we'll sound o'er 'Manuel's ground,
Rejoicing in the Son of Man.

United in one, the race we will run;
Press forward in faith without fear;
His glories pursue - the world never knew,
Nor will till the gospel they hear.

Salvation we see for all nations is free;
The heavenly armies now throng;
We'll march uniform, and weather the storm,
E'er singing the Impartial Song.