By Steve Brett

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Valley End. 8s.

An A major folk hymn in multiple modes of time. Composed 2017.

Text from Charles Wesley, 1739.

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While midnight shades the earth o’erspread,
And veil the bosom of the deep,
Nature reclines her weary head,
And care respires and sorrows sleep;
My soul still aims at nobler rest,
Aspiring to her Savior’s breast.

Aid me, ye hovering spirits near,
Angels and ministers of grace;
Who ever, while you guard us here,
Behold your heavenly Father’s face!
Gently my raptured soul convey
To regions of eternal day.

Till then, to sorrow born, I sigh,
And gasp, and languish after home;
Upward I send my streaming eye,
Expecting till the Bridegroom come:
Come quickly, Lord! Thy own receive;
Now let me see Thy face, and live.