By Robert Kelley

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Barnwell. C.M.

An A major fuging tune in 4/4 time. Composed 2010.

Text from Joseph Anstice, 1836.

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When Thou, O Lord, in flesh wert drest

The world Thou mad'st to free,

The Inn, where weary travellers rest,

Had not a room for Thee.


The Holy Babe in manger rude

Was all His birth-night laid;

Pondering God's words, in thoughtful mood,

Nigh watched the Mother Maid.


Sweet anthem! caught from hosts on high,

Dwell thou our hearts within;

Blest bridal of the earth and sky,

Long separate through sin.


Yet sometimes, when our spirit tires,

By toil and darkness worn,

Lord! make us hear seraphic choirs,

And give a glimpse of morn!