By Fynn Titford-Mock

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Mousehold Heath. 8s & 7s.

An A minor folk hymn in 3/4 time. Composed 2012-14.

Text from Sidney S. Brewer, unknown.

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Watchman, tell me, does the morning
Of fair Zion's glory dawn?
Have the signs that mark its coming
Yet upon thy pathway shone?

Pilgrim, yes! arise! look round thee -
Light is breaking in the skies!
Gird thy bridal robes around thee,
Morning dawns! arise, arise!


Watchman, hail the light ascending
Of the great Sabbatic year,
All with voices loud portending
That the kingdom's very near.

Pilgrim, yes, I see, just yonder,
Canaan's glorious height arise;
Salem, too, appears in grandeur,
Tow'ring 'neath its cloudless skies.