By Fynn Titford-Mock

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Haworth. C.M.D.

An A minor folk hymn in 6/4 time. Composed 2014.

Text from Anne Steele, unknown.

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When blooming youth is snatched away
By death's resistless hand,
Our hearts the mournful tribute pay
Which pity must demand.

Let this vain world engage no more;
Behold the gaping tomb;
It bids us seize the present hour,
Tomorrow death may come.


O let us fly! to Jesus fly,
Whose pow'rful arm can save;
Then shall our hopes ascend on high,
And triumph o'er the grave.

Great God, thy sov'reign grace impart,
With cleansing, healing pow'r;
This only can prepare the heart
For death's surprising hour.