By Aldo Thomas Ceresa

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Willesden. C.M.

A B♭ major fuging tune in 4/4 time. Composed 2010.

Text from Anne Steele, 1760.

Listen to recordings:

  • Willesden (Art Mob May 20 2011)

  • Willesden (NYC Midweek Singers; Dec. 22, 2010)

Download files: pdf; midi


Named for the Willesden section of northwest London; original home of the London Second Tuesday monthly singing, where this tune was first sung in November, 2010. Willesden was performed by The Art Mob in their Spring, 2011 concerts.


Those happy realms of joy and peace
Fain would my heart explore,
Where grief and pain forever cease,
And sorrow reigns no more.

No darkness there shall cloud my eyes,
Nor languor seize my frame;
But lo, th'eternal sun shall rise
To feed my vital flame.