By Aldo Thomas Ceresa

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Bethlehem. 7s.

An F major folk hymn in 6/4 time. Composed 2012.

Text from Charles Wesley, 1739.

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Sons of men, behold from far;
Hail the long-expected star;
Jacob's star, that gilds the night,
Guides bewildered nature right.
Mild it shines on all beneath,
Piercing through the shades of death,
Scattering error's wide-spread night,
Kindling darkness into light.
Nations all, remote and near,
Haste to see your God appear;
Haste, for Him your hearts prepare;
Meet Him manifested there.
Sing, ye morning stars again;
God descends on earth to reign,
Deigns for man His life to employ;
Shout, ye sons of God, for joy.