By Jesse P. Karlsberg

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Macon. C.M.D.

A G major folk hymn in 4/4 time. Composed 2007-8.

Text from The Baltimore Collection, 1803.

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  • WMSHC New Compositions Singing, 2009

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Written in December 2007 and set to this text from the Baltimore Collection, and slightly revised, in September 2008. This text, stanzas of which are set in the song "Minister's Farewell," 69t in The Sacred Harp, is my favorite hymn. Named Macon after Macon, GA, as a dedication to Raymond C. Hamrick.

Sung at new compositions singings at the 2008 Berkshire Foothills singing and the 2009 Western Massachusetts Convention.


Dear friends, farewell, I do you tell
Since you and I must part;
I go away, and here you stay,
But still we're joined in heart.
Your love to me has been most free,
Your conversation sweet;
How can I bear to journey where
With you I cannot meet?

If I'm called home whilst I am gone,
Indulge no tears for me;
I hope to sing and praise my King
To all eternity.
Millions of years over the spheres
Shall pass in sweet repose,
While beauty bright unto my sight
Its sacred sweets disclose.

I long to go; then farewell woe;
My soul will be at rest;
No more shall I complain or sigh,
But taste the heav'nly feast.
O may we meet and be complete,
And long together dwell,
And serve the Lord with one accord,
And so, dear friends, farewell.