By Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg

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Everlasting. C.M.D.

A G minor fuging tune in 4/4 time. Composed 2009.

Text from Frances Maria Cowper, 1792.

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Written in late March 2009 in Troy, NY. Inspired by the phrase "everlasting lines" in this Frances Maria Cowper hymn which I imagined could be evoked by a musical figure resembling that in the song "Infinite Delight" in the Sacred Harp where some parts are held while others begin a new phrase.


"Wise, just, and righteous are thy ways;"
In all thy works I trace
The pledge of everlasting love,
The beam of sovereign grace.
"Engrav'd as on eternal brass,
"The sacred promise shines;
"Nor can the powers, of Hell erase
"Those everlasting lines."