By Jesse P. Karlsberg

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Carroll. 11s.

An A major plain tune in 4/4 time. Composed 2011.

Text from Lauren Bock, 2012.

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"Carroll" is my second attempt to harmonize a melody I wrote just after the December 2011 Georgia Christian Harmony Convention. I heard the chord in the third measure that harmonizes the tonic "fa" in the tenor with the four "fa" in the bass in my head while humming the melody. This reminded me of the music of Christian Harmony compiler William Walker's music and that of the Chapin brothers, so I decided to rearrange a song with these tunesmiths' styles in mind.

"Carroll" was included in a packet printed for the 17th United Kingdom Sacred Harp Convention in September 2012 and was sung during a new music singing held after the Saturday session of the convention.


Dear God my protector my father and friend,
Oh when will the struggles of life have an end,
When will I be free from my toiling and care,
In that blessed land, how I long to be there. there.