By Jesse P. Karlsberg

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Averill Park. C.M.D.

An E minor camp meeting tune in 6/8 time. Composed 2009.

Text from William Knox, 1825.

Listen to recordings:

  • Camp Fasola Composium (Adult Session), 2009

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Oh weep not for the joys that fade
Like evening lights away,
For hopes that, like the stars decayed,
Have left thy mortal day;
The clouds of sorrow will depart,
And brilliant skies be given;
For bliss awaits the holy heart,
Amid the bowers of heaven.

Oh weep not for the friends that pass
Into the lonely grave,
As breezes sweep the withered grass
Along the restless wave;
For though thy pleasures may depart,
And mournful days be given;
Yet bliss awaits the holy heart,
When friends rejoin in heaven.