By Calum Woods

Tune NameYearTypeFilesFirst Line
SHEFFIELD. 10s. 2015-16 fuging tune pdf Awake, my harp, my lute and cheerful voice,
HIGH FLATTS. 8,6,8,8,6. 2016 fuging tune pdf Dear Lord and Father of mankind
CUMBER. C.M. 2015 fuging tune pdf On willows, near to Babel's flood
EVENING PRAYER. L.M. 2015 plain tune pdf Jesus, to thee an evening song
SWEET ACCORD. C.M. 2015 fuging tune pdf Jesus, I sing the matchless grace
TROWSE. C.M. 2014 fuging tune pdf mp3 Lo! what an entertaining sight
KILBURN. 8,8,6. 2015-16 plain tune pdf Come on, my partners in distress
ATKINSON. C.M. 2014 plain tune pdf Father, I stretch my hands to thee
JOYS AND SORROWS. 7s, 6s. 2016 folk hymn pdf Mixtures of joy and sorrow
BE TRUE TO YOUR KING. 11s. 2015 part song pdf Come, O my dear brethren, and help me to sing
THE PEARL OF PARADISE. 8s, 7s, 6s. 2015 plain tune pdf The pearl that worldlings covet
BEDMINSTER. C.M. 2015 plain tune pdf Do not I love Thee, O my Lord?

About Calum

I began singing Sacred Harp at the age of 15 in Yorkshire. I have been singing ever since across Europe and the US South, and writing music for almost as long. I live in Halifax and I regularly attend singings in Manchester, Sheffield, Leeds and London.

I consider myself equally a Sacred Harp singer and a Christian Harmony singer; I write music in the styles and using the notation of both books. I draw much of my inspiration from the composers who contributed to these two books during the twentieth century, including those from the McGraw family, John Hocutt, and especially O.A. Parris and the Denson family. I also have a strong appreciation for the work of earlier composers such as William Walker and Daniel Read. I have no formal training in composition but I owe a lot to the advice and encouragement of all my fellow singers, among whom Michael Walker, Fynn Titford-Mock, Aldo Ceresa and Jesse Pearlman Karlsberg have been especially helpful.

I always aim to create music that is simple and devotional in character, true to the shape-note idiom, and above all, enjoyable to sing. I welcome any feedback you may have and you can contact me at

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